Why study at the IEI?

Its tradition and academic value make de IEI a unique center in Latin America. Located in Santiago, the capital of Chile, it offers students the possibility of furthering their academic training while at the same time incorporating Spanish as a working language and accessing a library of over 12 thousand volumes and a collection of 110 periodicals.

The diversity of its students from Europe, the United States, Asia and Latin America promotes cultural exchange as well as a unique learning environment.

The proximity to other well-known capitals in the region, such as Buenos Aires, make the IEI and Chile an exceptional academic destination, where learning possibilities are enhanced by a friendly social life and unprecedented economic and political development.

Every year Chile welcomes approximately 10 thousand foreign students attracted by the friendliness of its people, its mild climate, connectivity, infrastructure, growth, security, tourist attractions, as well as cultural activity highlighted by Pablo Neruda and Gabriela Mistral's poetic heritage, writers such as Roberto Bolaño and Isabel Allende, filmmakers such as Raúl Ruiz and Alejandro Jodorowski and artists such as Roberto Matta and Claudio Arrau.