The Institute

Founded in 1966, the Institute of International Studies (IEI) of the University of Chile is an autonomous educational and research center in the field of international relations, which addresses political, legal, economic and historical issues. It was one of the first centers in Latin America to dedicate itself specifically to international studies.

Fifty years later, the IEI has crossed the borders of the region, thereby becoming a leading institution in postgraduate research and teaching, as well as in the interdisciplinary analysis of topics dealing with International Studies, such as international law, international relations, political science, history and international economics.

For over half a century of uninterrupted work, the Institute has built a regional and international prestige, to which the publishing of the Estudios Internacionales journal, Latin American Journal of Trade Policy, Cuadernos de Estudios Internacionales and several books, have contributed. 

The Institute’s main programs are the Master's in International Studies, Master’s in International Strategy and Trade Policy, Master’s in International Development and Cooperation, the Professional Degree of International Relations Specialist and, more recently, the Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations. As well as several postgraduate diplomas and extension courses, which are taught by the IEI and refer to the current challenges of the society.

For applications and further information, please write to:

Graduate School of International Studies
Institute of International Studies, University of Chile
Santiago - Chile

Phone: +562 29772800