Master's in International Studies

The program aims at providing professionals with a broad academic and scientific vision in the field of international relations. This is one of Latin America's oldest academic program in this area, as well as the first of its kind in Chile.

This program prioritizes a multidisciplinary approach of the international reality, with special emphasis on the latest discussions concerning the discipline, and focuses on developing the students’ ability for critical thinking.

Students are given theoretical and practical tools that will help them grasp issues related to governmental and non-governmental relations at the international level, from the political, economic, social, legal and historical standpoints.

The program includes, among others, the following topics: political science, international relations, international law, international economic relations, international organizations, global political economy and international negotiations.


Classes will take place at the Institute from Monday to Thursday from 6:30 to 8:45 pm.


Application forms can be submitted from August to December.


Registration (reference cost 2023): CLP$177,300

Program Fee 2024 (7 trimesters): UF 260*

*Note: The rate of the Chilean Unit of Account (UF) changes constantly. You can easily make the conversion online.

Starting Date





Graduate School


  • +562 2977 2800
  • +562 2977 2837


Online application

For online applications, please refer to the instructions in the link.


First Trimester

  • History of International Relations
  • International Law I
  • Political Science
  • Fundamentals of International Economics
  • Research Design

Second Trimester

  • International Relations I
  • International Law II
  • Comparative Politics
  • Political Economy
  • Qualitative Methods

Third Trimester

  • International Relations II
  • Human Rights
  • International Stakeholders
  • Development Theory
  • Quantitative Methods

Fourth Trimester

  • Foreign Policy Analysis I
  • Integration in Latin America
  • Security and Defense
  • Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Thesis Seminar

Fifth Trimester

  • Foreign Policy Analysis II: Case Study
  • Chilean Foreign Policy
  • Elective Geography Course
  • Negotiations
  • Thesis Seminar

Sixth Trimester

  • Elective: International Reality Topics
  • Thesis Seminar

Seventh Trimester

  • Thesis

Application Requirements

Applicants should have a Bachelor's Degree or a professional degree awarded by national or foreign universities, or by higher education institutes, whose level, content and length of studies are equivalent to that of a Bachelor's Degree of the University of Chile. Only the applications from students who have completed at least one undergraduate degree of at least 8 consecutive semesters (4 years) shall be accepted.

This will be established by the Program’s Academic Committee that will evaluate the documents and degrees submitted by the candidates. In any case, as a general criterion, only the courses with a minimum length of eight semesters after graduating from secondary or high school will be considered equivalent to a university degree.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must fill out the application form provided by the Institute of International Studies, and attach the following documents:

  • Official certificate, issued by a competent authority, of the university professional degree or Bachelor's Degree. A certified copy thereof is accepted for the purpose of the application. Regarding foreign students, the certificate must be authenticated with an apostille or visa issued by the Chilean Consulate of the corresponding country. The original certificate will be required to obtain the degree.

  • Grade transcripts, including equivalence scales (foreign students).

  • Two letters of recommendation.

  • Curriculum Vitae.

  • Interview with Program professors.

  • Letter explaining why the applicant is interested in participating in this Program (up to 500 words in length).

  • Medical insurance for foreign students.

Additionally, the applicants will be interviewed by professors of the Institute. The program will consider the level of reading and understanding of the English language.


The application form must be completed by all candidates (national and foreign) requesting the admission to the postgraduate courses and degrees offered by the Institute of International Studies of the University of Chile.

The clarity and accuracy of the answers will allow correctly evaluating the personal history and experience of the candidate.

Applications must be submitted online or in person at the Institute of International Studies.

Institute of International Studies
University of Chile
Address: Av. Condell 249, Providencia, Santiago, Chile

Application Process

  • Applications are already open and they will be received until December 2023. Please use the application form provided by the Institute.
  • The interviews take place once the Graduate School has all the information from the applicants.
  • Applicants living abroad:
  1. The interview will be conducted on Skype and a Spanish proficiency certificate will be required, when appropriate.
  2. Students coming from abroad should hopefully arrive at least ten (10) days before classes start.