Professional Title of Specialist in International Relations

The Professional Title of Specialist in International Relations is a postgraduate specialization program that aims to train highly qualified specialists in the field of international relations, providing the necessary elements for the understanding of the international system and regional phenomena, as well as Chile's foreign relations from a multidisciplinary perspective.

To achieve this objective, practical tools will be provided to analyze the relevant issues of the international agenda and their implications in the elaboration of public policies, with special emphasis on the diversity of existing approaches and the need to develop learner’s capacity for critical thinking in the study of global problems.

Similarly, the necessary instruments for the analysis of international affairs will be provided, which will allow the graduate to professionally perform in the governmental sphere, as well as in international organizations, non-governmental organizations at the transnational level and the private sector.

Specific objectives

The formative proposal of the Specialist Degree in International Relations of the University of Chile is aimed at developing, in each student, different skills, such as:

  • Professionally, address issues, problems or challenges of contemporary international relations.
  • Interpret, design, implement and evaluate, at the governmental level, diverse foreign policy instruments of the states.
  • Interpret and evaluate, in the private sphere, various foreign policy instruments of the states, in order to objectively contribute to decision-making on international affairs.
  • Manage projects of international scope in different organizations at local, regional, national and world levels, with ethical and critical sense, for the benefit of society; as well as devising possible scenarios (prospective), in order to guide foreign policy actions.
  • Negotiate both in the diplomatic and commercial field, with representatives of the public and / or private sector

The Program provides the graduate with practical tools to:

  • Develop strategic intelligence activities on issues regarding foreign policy, international relations, international trade and international security.
  • Design, implement and evaluate sector-based plans, programs and projects linked to international cooperation.
  • Manage international projects at all levels of the State administration.


Classes will take place from Monday to Friday daytime at the Institute.


  • Trimester I: August – September - October
  • Trimester II: November – December - January
  • Trimester III: March – April - May
  • Trimester IV: June – July - August


Registration 2021: CLP$149.000
Program Fee (annual): CLP$3.500.000. Annual amount payable in cash or payable in up to 10 installments documented by check.


The costs associated with the titling process refer to the annual registration, and stamps (see details in the Postgraduate Secretariat).

Starting Date


Program Length

12 months, 90 credits


Graduate School


  • +562 2977 2800
  • +562 29772839


Online application

For electronic applications, please refer to the instructions at the following link.


Introductory Courses

  • International Relations
  • Chilean Foreign Policy
  • Chilean Political System

Trimester I

  • Actors and Instruments of the International Legal Order
  • Foreign Policy Analysis
  • Fundamentals of Economics I
  • International Management
  • Data Analysis I

Trimester II

  • International Public Policy
  • Comparative Foreign Policy of Latin America
  • Fundamentals of Economics II
  • Project Formulation and Evaluation
  • Data Analysis II

Trimester III

  • International Civil Society
  • Strategic analysis
  • Economic Indicators: Chile in the World
  • Instruments and Regimes of International Cooperation
  • Elective

Trimester IV

  • Foreign Policy and Human Rights
  • Management and Resolution of International Conflicts
  • Negotiations and Trade Policy
  • Elective
  • Elective

Academic Group

  • Prof. Gilberto Aranda Bustamante
  • Prof. Eduardo Carreño Lara
  • Prof. Astrid Espaliat Larson
  • Prof. Ricardo Javier Gamboa Valenzuela
  • Prof. María José Henríquez Uzal
  • Prof. Pía Lombardo Estay
  • Prof. Dorotea López Giral
  • Prof. Miguel Angel López
  • Prof. Paz Milet García
  • Prof. José Morandé Lavín
  • Prof. Felipe Muñoz Navia
  • Prof. Tatiana Rein Venegas
  • Prof. Alberto van Klaveren Stork

Requirements and Application

Applicants should be in possession of a bachelor's degree or a professional degree, such as: Lawyer, Public Administrator, Anthropologist, Political Scientist, Agricultural Engineer, Commercial Engineer, Journalist, State Professor in History and Geography, State Professor in Philosophy, Sociologist and Translator and Interpreter. In specific cases, the application of people who hold other titles will be considered, after an evaluation. In the case of studies carried out abroad, a license or degree equivalent to the professional title will also be accepted, whose level, content and duration of studies are equivalent to that of a bachelor's degree at the University of Chile, determined by the Academic Committee of the Program.

Admission request

Applicants should send the following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Official certificate, issued by competent authority, of the university professional degree or Bachelor's degree. For the purposes of the application, a legalized copy can be presented. In the case of foreign students, the certificate must be legalized with the apostille or visa in the Consulate of Chile of the corresponding country. The original certificate will be required to obtain the degree.
  • Grade transcripts of the studies carried out, including the corresponding scale and graduation ranking.
  • Recommendation letters.
  • Letter explaining the applicant's interest in participating in this Program (maximum length, 500 words).
  • The program will consider the level of reading and understanding of the English language.